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Published the 16/02/2021


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian medical association, created in 1971, which provides assistance to populations that are suffering from illness or injury as a result of armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters or exclusion from care. Today, MSF is present in more than 60 countries around the world.

The Paris Operational Center (OCP) is a group composed of the following 4 MSF sections: USA, Australia, France and Japan.

OCP is responsible for operations conducted in about sixty projects in over 35 countries and for actions related to these operations: bearing witness, communication, human resources management, financial management of operations, private and institutional fundraising.

The 4 sections coordinate with each other, providing specific support to the Group's operations.

For a replacement, we are recruiting a:


Mission :

Within the framework of OCP's global strategy, and under the responsibility of the General Director, the Medical Director has a leading role in the association. She/He is at the heart of the social mission, in a process of close collaboration with the operations and improvement of MSF's medical practices. She/He is responsible for defining OCP's medical strategy, translating it into policy and monitoring its implementation after validation by the associative bodies. She/He is responsible for the medical quality of MSF's actions and provides the necessary expertise required in the field.

Your main responsibilities:

Define OCP's medical strategy and policy:

  • Define OCP's medical strategy and policy.

  • Co-define the medico-operational strategic plans with the Operations Director.

  • Decline this medical strategy by major files, set general and specific objectives by medical field and translate them into annual plans within the department.

  • Co-define OCP's operational research strategy (conducted with Epicentre and other institutions).

  • Validate the scientific quality of the research projects piloted and supported by OCP and be the privileged interlocutor with the ERB of MSF.

  • Analyze and report on OCP's medical activity.

Initiate, monitor and evaluate medical dossiers:

  • Initiate major projects and medical dossiers and personally manage specific strategic files.

  • Set the specifications for medical dossiers, monitor their progress, control their execution, check the conformity of the achievements.

  • Report to the general management on the achievements and progress of those dossiers.

  • Communicate internally on the implementation of medical dossiers

  • Participate in the validation and monitoring of research projects of the MSF movement.

  • Ensure all or part of the interface with other departments and the international movement, ensure the interface with DNDi and CAME.

Be accountable on medical quality and adequacy of the medical response with operational needs:

  • Ensure medical quality and adequacy with needs

  • Ensure the quality and effectiveness of the support and medical expertise provided in the field.

  • Stimulate the debate, identify, analyze, capitalize and disseminate good medical practices.

Be co-responsible (with the human resources direction) for the health care policies of the national and international teams.

Stimulate the development of medical advocacy and témoignage actions

Contribute to the identification of public speaking out topics and the development of key messages.

Contribute to the MSF visibility:

Contribute to the development of medical communication within the framework of the MSF-France and OCP communication strategy.

Represent and carry the interests of MSF France and OCP within the international movement (especially in the DirMed and MedOp platforms)

Hierarchically manage deputies, clinical leaders and their teams :

  • Recruit, coach, advise, support, motivate, federate teams and develop the skills of employees of the medical department.

  • Set directions, define objectives, evaluate the work.

  • Ensure the good contribution of the medical department to transversal /inter-departmental projects and work.

Functionally manage the decentralized medical teams of the partner sections

  • Guide, evaluate and support their work with the GDs or Medical Directors of the relevant sections.

  • Disseminate policies, good practices and medical tools.

Be responsible for the definition of the medical training policy and contribute to its implementation with the HR/L&D department and other relevant departments

Be responsible for the department's budget

Elaborate, manage and monitor the budget

Required profile :
A degree in medicine (or paramedical with a Master in public health) and experience of field responsibility within a international medical organization are required. A career with responsibility in an NGO headquarters and a Master in public health, epidemiology or humanitarian studies are assets.
Experience in leadership/management of medical teams; ability to lead and provide vision and leadership for a large team.

Skills : Skills in development and implementation of medical strategies/programs.
Mastery of medical and epidemiological concepts and techniques.
Mastery of team management techniques.
Financial knowledge to establish and monitor budgets.

Languages : Fluent English.

Salary conditions :
74.4K€ gross annual over 13 months. 22 days RTT per year. Mutual insurance 100% covered by MSF. Restaurant tickets with a face value of 9€ (60% covered by MSF). 50% of the public transportation pass is paid by MSF